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All about Diamonds Rings

The type of setting when choosing from a range of diamond rings is important, the setting can make a huge difference, each woman has different shaped fingers. Depending on the length of a finger, a designer setting in diamond rings may or may not fully show off the stones to their best advantage.

One of the most popular settings in diamond rings has to be the reliable claw setting. A ring that has its diamonds held in place with 4 or more claw settings is strong enough for a woman to wear her ring daily without having the worry of losing a diamond. Diamonds can work themselves loose, a 4 claw setting will keep diamonds safe, one claw may break away but the other claws will still keep hold of your diamonds until you have your ring mended.

Diamond jewellery should be worn and enjoyed, not placed in a jewellery box in case the settings are not strong enough to stand the wear and tear of every day life. Caring for diamond jewellery is essential, giving time every couple of months to inspect your diamond rings and other items of diamond jewellery.

Some beauty products can have an adverse effect on your white or yellow gold, taking care to avoid spraying perfume or hair spray on your diamond jewellery is a must. A diamond stone set in diamond rings or earrings may not be damaged but the metal parts of your pieces of diamond jewellery can make your diamonds work themselves loose.

Storage with diamond jewellery is more important than pieces of fashionable jewellery, each diamond piece should be kept separate from each other to avoid scratches and damage as the come in contact with each other.

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